Hals Funkbass official Bass of Daryl Hayott SR.

18 Jun

I’ve been in this business a couple of minutes.I’ve been asked to play so many bass guitars by the “bigs” Most cats gear the work towards popularity as opposed to actual sound. I’m used to seeing cats put a thousand foot pedals on stage with a high tech bass. Why would that be if the bass was so awesome in the first place?

In any regard, I feel that Hal has a good sense of history. In addition a clear view of where he wants the sound and craftsmanship to go. I’m more than happy to play anything he creates because it’s part of the re-education of the music audience. Legions of jaded fans waiting for something new. Well the new is here.- Daryl Hayott

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Posted by on June 18, 2011 in bass guitars


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